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Are you a fan of Indian Cuisine or just someone who wants to explore other mouth-watering food that will arouse your appetite? You might have heard about exceptional delicacies famous in India and other parts of the world and the way these are prepared.

Fun in Cooking and Eating

For most people, preparing their own meals is one of the best ways to satisfy their appetite, enjoy an appealing feast right in front of their eyes and put on other experiments in culinary. These are for people who loves cooking. They get to explore or invent new things to add to their menu. But there are also those who prefer dining out and in similar situation explore, that is, the delectable meals prepared in lavish restaurants and other dining venues found everywhere.

What is Tandoori Cooking?

There are various techniques in preparing mouth-watering dishes known around the world. And tandoori cooking is no exception. Let’s put it simply this way, tandoori is the term called in cooking food in a tandoor. A tandoor is something that is either shaped like a bee-hive with a cylindrical opening (maybe a clay or industrially built). It has a close structure that makes cooking fast, enclosing the heat around with only one opening where the heat can escape. This technique of cooking is listed as one of the traditional methods of preparing dishes. For many households, you only see cooking techniques such as frying, grilling, sautéing, boiling, steaming and baking, to name a few. But it is rare that you see a different and unique type of cooking. Nevertheless, for Indian Cuisine enthusiast (that might be you reading this post), this is already a common thing. You can also find tandoori cooking used in countless Indian restaurants; perfect if you fancy eating meals outdoors.

Tandoori Cooking Basics

If you want to venture into this type of cooking and want to learn more about it, look closely. Any raw (or ready to eat) materials such as poultry, bread, meat, fish, etc., then you can use the tandoor in cooking these items. For a start, marinate one of these in special spices comprised of cumin, ginger, lemon, coriander, garlic, cayenne, turmeric (oh, and don’t forget the Yogurt!) and other seasonings. The tandoor and the marinade does the magic in cooking. It’s best to marinate the raw food overnight. It actually makes the cooking time fast with the yogurt aiding in tenderizing the meat. The heat in the bottom (use of wood or charcoal) makes grilling fast and creating a delectable and juicy finish product.

Best Tandoor Dishes

In preparing tandoor delicacies, the person should have the passion and patience combined together, especially with the use of tandoor oven where one should be tolerant to high temperature heats. Among the most popular tandoor dishes include tandoori chicken, tandoori shrimps, lobster tandoori, tandoori kebabs and other tandoor prepared platters. Vegetables are also used ideal for vegetarians. Since the time Indian Cuisine was introduced around the world, it evolved into something more exciting and offered different ways to satisfy hungry tummies. Please checkout our lunch buffets from 11:30 am to 3 pm 7 days a week and Dinner buffet every Tuesday 5 pm to 9:30 pm. Once again thank you for checking out Tandoor of India, It’s Our Passion, Purpose, Our Mission – Our Tribe…….

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