Tandoor of India is happy to pass along our culture and authentic recipes to your school!
This event is a great way to get out of the classroom, and have a hands-on educational experience your students will never forget. Throughout the course of the trip, students will learn about the vibrant history and culture of India, sample Indian food, and even get their hands on one of our integral recipes in the kitchen!

During this event, we provide students with a traditional Indian meal to start the day off. Featuring dishes made with authentic recipes, we will educate attendees on the history of Indian spices and how they make up the dishes they will enjoy. We will also provide information about the history of India, Indian food, and the culture that makes it so special! As lunch wraps up, we invite the students on a tour of the kitchen. Here, they will get to see first hand how we make our famous Indian dishes. Time permitting, a few volunteers will even have the opportunity to make and take home their very own Naan bread!

This event has proven to be a fun, creative, and educational experience for students of all ages. More importantly, we’re happy to see the children fed and excited about this culture we love! Still not sure? Just ask the students of Cobb and Scribner Road Elementary schools how they felt about their trip!